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Communicating and collaborating in international online learning communities
Beverly Trayner: PhD in progress

e-mail: btrayner
These pages are the beginning of a sort of literature review for my doctorate research with Universidade de Aveiro. I have found that putting it online helps me visualise what I'm writing in three dimensions rather than two. It has been a different experience from writing a blog as I have to think more about its final presentation. Thanks to my sister Debra Trayner, a BBC web designer, for helping me in the initial design of my page.

Contexts | Methodology | Main inquiry | Metaphors
Contexts Methodology
My description of Portuguese perspectives is set in the context of Portuguese discourses of learning, higher education and internationalisation.

I'm an insider-outsider in the research process and here are some of my: contexts and publications, position and evolving self
An ethnographic collective case study, with an emerging design, a context-dependent inquiry, and an inductive data analysis, I will be exploring:
  • Qualitative inquiry
  • Online research ethics
  • Narrative structures
  • Main inquiry Metaphors
    The main areas for inquiry (artificially separated) are:

  • Learning and education
    Knowledge discourses
    Higher Education and adult learning theories
    CoPs* and constellations of CoPs
    *CoPs = Communities of Practice
  • Design for international virtual communities
    Pedagogy of Multiliteracies
    Issues of identity
    Communication and meaningmaking
    Revealing contexts and situating learning
    Technology issues
  • Communication in international contexts
    Intercultural communication
    Conversations and dialogue online
    Genre and discourse analysis
    Multilingual issues
  • Here I want to explore different metaphors for the areas I'm studying:
  • Communicating and conversations
  • Dynamics of international and local contexts
  • Collaborating in international contexts
  • International communities
  • Beverly Trayner, PhD reflections. Last updated: 28th December, 2004
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